NEW! CELPIP Accelerate – Listening and Speaking Online Course

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CELPIP Accelerate – Listening and Speaking is a self-directed study program with over 30 instructional videos, numerous interactive quizzes, and in-depth analyses of sample responses that will help you excel on the Listening and Speaking components of the CELPIP-General and CELPIP-General LS Tests. Study topics range from “What Are the Raters looking for on the Speaking Test?”, “Note-Taking on the Listening Test” to “Listening Strategies.”

This program also includes a complete practice Listening Test, with analyses that explain why each answer choice is either right or wrong. Another key feature is “Rate the Response”, in which you can practice rating sample Speaking responses and read analyses of each response’s level. This study program is suitable for test takers of all language abilities.

Key features of this product:

  • Over 30 instructional videos
  • Numerous interactive quizzes
  • One complete practice Listening Test with analyses of answer choices
  • Analyses of sample speaking responses from real test takers
  • Over 15 downloadable PDF study notes including test charts, note-taking templates and transcripts
  • Accessible on tablet and cell phone

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