Offer a CELPIP Preparation Program

The CELPIP Preparation Program has been designed to prepare students for individual components of the CELPIP Tests and includes four skill modules: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Students can put together their own personalized programs by selecting one or more of the stand-alone skill modules.

This licensed program includes exclusive use of student workbooks and instructor guides to match each skill module. Designed to be used together, the student and instructor materials are intended as the basis for your CELPIP classes. Lesson plans, media files, and homework assignments are all included!

To support instructors who will be delivering the CELPIP Preparation Program, an online instructor training course taught by a CELPIP expert will be offered. The training features insights into each test component, an explanation of the Performance Standards, and tips for teaching test preparation.

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Program Curriculum

Listening Module Syllabus

Lesson Focus Skills
  • Listening Test, Part 1


  • Question types
  • Introduction to test-taking strategies
  • Introduction to vocabulary-building
  • Listening Test, Part 2
  • Listening Test, Part 3
  • Establishing context
  • Note-taking strategies: Location and time
  • Note-taking strategies: Main ideas and supporting details


  • Listening Test, Part 4


  • Using abbreviations for note-taking
  • Synonyms
  • Note-taking to record facts
  • Listening Test, Part 5


  • Visual clues
  • Relevant vs. irrelevant information
  • Listening Test, Part 6


  • Recognizing facts and opinions
  • Differentiating between summaries and paraphrases
  • Identifying pros and cons
  • Practice Listening Test
  • Test review and error analysis
  • Course review
  • All Listening Test skills

Reading Module Syllabus


Lesson Focus Skills
  • Overview of the Reading Test


  • Active vs. passive readers
  • Previewing, skimming, and scanning
  • Getting meaning from context
  • Eliminating wrong answers
  • Improving your reading speed
  • Introduction to vocabulary-building
  • Reading Test, Part 1


  • Skimming and scanning
  • Synonym-matching pair work activity
  • Timed reading
  • Reading Test, Part 2


  • Understanding coherence and applying logic
  • Locating specific information
  • Recognizing a writer’s purpose and tone
  • Timed reading
  • Reading Test, Part 3


  • Understanding paragraph components
  • Identifying main ideas in paragraphs
  • Timed reading
  • Reading Test, Part 4


  • Understanding meaning based on context
  • Eliminating wrong answers
  • Identifying viewpoints
  • Fact or opinion
  • Timed reading
  • Practice Reading Test
  • Test review and error analysis
  • All Reading Test skills

Writing Module Syllabus

Lesson Focus Skills
  • Overview of the Writing Test

  • Understanding performance standards
  • Precision and meaning
  • Identifying common errors
  • Introduction to vocabulary-building
  • Writing Test, Task 1


  • Writing emails
  • Email conventions: Greetings, openers, closers, and sign-offs
  • Tone and register
  • Indirect questions
  • Writing Test, Task 1


  • Email format
  • Paragraphing
  • Introduction
  • Synonyms
  • Avoiding repetition
  • Time sequencers
  • Writing Test, Task 2


  • Note-taking
  • Expressing an opinion
  • Using conjunctions
  • Supporting details
  • Writing Test, Task 2


  • Transitions
  • Concluding sentences
  • Timed writing
  • Peer feedback: Identifying common errors
  • Analysis of sample responses
  • Practice and peer feedback
  • Test and individual feedback sessions


  • All Writing Test skills

Speaking Module Syllabus

Lesson Focus Skills
  • Overview of the Speaking Test


  • Understanding performance standards
  • Review of speaking skills
  • Developing ideas
  • Introduction to vocabulary-building
  • Speaking Test, Task 1
  • Speaking Test, Task 2


  • Organizing your thoughts
  • Giving advice
  • Using WH questions for narratives
  • Time expressions
  • Transitions
  • Speaking Test, Task 3
  • Speaking Test, Task 4


  • Prepositions of location
  • Describing details
  • Practice: Describing and making predictions
  • Making predictions from a scene
  • Speaking Test, Task 5
  • Speaking Test, Task 6


  • Choosing, comparing, and persuading
  • Inflection and intonation
  • Giving effective reasons
  • Speaking Test, Task 7
  • Speaking Test, Task 8


  • Stating an opinion
  • Weak vs. convincing reasons
  • Analysis of sample responses
  • Practice and peer feedback
  • Test and individual feedback sessions


  • All Speaking Test skills

Program Details

Each CELPIP Program Preparation Centre determines the fees of their CELPIP Preparation Program and registers their students accordingly. The Student Workbooks and Instructor’s Guides, which were exclusively developed for this use, are the core materials of the program. However, each CELPIP Preparation Centre may choose whether or not to include the supplementary program materials in their program structure.


Core Program Materials for Instructors

  • Instructor’s Guide (for each module they are teaching)
  • Digital media resources

Core Program Materials for Students

  • Student Workbook (for each module they registered for)

Supplementary Program Materials

  • CELPIP Study Guide: Listening and Speaking
  • CELPIP Study Guide: Reading and Writing
  • Vocabulary Skills


The preparation program can be used with either the CELPIP-General Practice Tests (Set 1) or the provided paper-based practice test.

Student Assessment


The CELPIP Preparation Program is designed for students with high beginner to intermediate levels of English. To determine student language levels, centres may choose to use their own intake assessment tools or this free online diagnostic tool:


Each centre may choose to set their own standards for assessment. An example formula is provided in the Instructor’s Guide for each module. Templates for tally sheets and report cards are also included in the Instructor’s Guides to help instructors track student performance, compile grades, and provide feedback at the end of each module.


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