Enrol in a Preparation Program

Preparing for CELPIP can help test takers achieve higher scores, feel more relaxed on test day, and give them English skills they will continue to use every day.

The CELPIP Preparation Program is available at institutions across Canada and internationally. Find a CELPIP Test Centre near you that offers the CELPIP Preparation Program. Enrolment in a CELPIP Preparation Program is not administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises, and registering in a preparation program is the responsibility of the test taker

Prices and scheduling will vary depending on the individual institution. Please contact the institutions directly to enrol for the CELPIP Preparation Program. Any questions related to the CELPIP Tests should be directed to Paragon’s CELPIP Office by emailing info@celpip.ca or by calling 1-800-958-5186 toll free (within North America).

For a complete list of our test centres, including those that offer the CELPIP Preparation Program, please refer to the table below.

Interested in Offering a Prep Program?CELPIP

If you are interested in offering a CELPIP Preparation Program then make sure to check out our Prep Providers page under CELPIP for Stakeholders to learn more about the CELPIP Network Program.
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