April 7, 2021

Paragon Acquired by Prometric Canada®

We are proud to announce that Paragon Testing Enterprises has been acquired by Prometric Canada®.

By leveraging our combined strength, including secure, reliable technology-enabled solutions for in-centre and online remote assessment and content development, together we will realize our common mission of expanding access to the CELPIP Test for people around the world. Read the full press release.

What does this mean for you, our test takers?
Our test takers will continue to remain our number one priority and this news will not affect your test date or the location of your test.

Is the CELPIP Test still accepted by IRCC and other score users?
Yes, CELPIP test results will continue to be accepted to apply for immigration to Canada and for Canadian citizenship. The test will also continue to be accepted by our other score users which includes various professional organizations, colleges, and employers.

Will my test location or date be changed or cancelled?
Your tests will not be changed or cancelled because of this announcement; you can continue to book CELPIP Tests. Paragon will continue to deliver CELPIP at our network of test centres across Canada and internationally.

Will this change my test price?
No. The prices of the CELPIP-General Test and the CELPIP-General LS Test remain the same.

Does this mean I can take my test at a test centre operated by Prometric?
The only valid test locations for the CELPIP Test are at our network of test centres across Canada and around the world. These locations are constantly changing and are accurately reflected on the CELPIP website.

If I have test-related questions where can I get the most accurate information?
The official CELPIP channels are the most reliable source of information about the CELPIP tests. Information on test location and test day policies can be found on the celpip.ca website. You can also visit CELPIP’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages for more information on test preparation and any changes to test-day policies. For information on test registration information, you can continue to reach out to Paragon’s team of Customer Service Representatives!

We would like to thank you for being a valued customer, and for your continued support. We are confident that our new affiliation with Prometric Canada® will serve us all well.

I had taken other English language proficiency before, and CELPIP was more relatable to me. All of the questions were situations I was familiar with from daily life, and were like conversations I had experienced personally.
- Chrisna D., CELPIP Test Taker
When I took CELPIP, I found it was like speaking English in real life. You speak every day with your boss and with your friends, and the CELPIP Test represents those every-day, real-life language situations.
- Rafaela B., CELPIP Test Taker
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