September 7, 2021

The Official CELPIP Podcast: Episode 7 - Canadian Expressions

In today's episode, we explore some common Canadian expressions! Follow along as we guess the meaning of them with Asw...
September 1, 2021

The Official CELPIP Podcast: Episode 6 - Time Management

In today's episode, we talk about time management and preparing for the CELPIP Test with Brandi and Meaghan, our resid...
August 12, 2021

CELPIP Testing now available in Milton

Paragon Testing Enterprises is pleased to announce that BITTS Testing Services in Milton, Ontario is now an official CEL...
July 28, 2021

The Official CELPIP Podcast: Episode 5 - Common English Mistakes

In today's episode, we discuss common English mistakes with Ian and Luke, former ESL teachers, and Brandi, our CELPIP ...
June 21, 2021

The Official CELPIP Podcast: Episode 2 - Busting CELPIP Myths

There are often misconceptions and myths surrounding the CELPIP Test. On today’s episode, hear directly from our exper...
When I took CELPIP, I found it was like speaking English in real life. You speak every day with your boss and with your friends, and the CELPIP Test represents those every-day, real-life language situations.
- Rafaela B., CELPIP Test Taker
I had taken other English language proficiency before, and CELPIP was more relatable to me. All of the questions were situations I was familiar with from daily life, and were like conversations I had experienced personally.
- Chrisna D., CELPIP Test Taker