Introducing CELPIP stories!

The CELPIP Test is one step in your journey to living and working in Canada. For many of our test takers, taking the CELPIP Test has been an opportunity to learn about Canada, as well a chance to prove their English language proficiency. In this video, we are happy to share the stories of how our test takers have experienced living and working in Canada, and what their CELPIP Test experience was like.

My CELPIP Story - Dionys Vásquez

In this video, Dionys talks about how she prepared for the CELPIP Test, what part of the test she found the most challenging, the experience of wearing a mask during her test, and tips she shares with anyone thinking of taking the test.

My CELPIP Story - Rafaela Borges

In this video, Rafaela shares her story about living and working in Canada, and what her experience with the CELPIP Test was like.

My CELPIP Story - Chrisna Djuardi

In this video, Chrisna shares his story about taking CELPIP for his permanent residency, and how the study path for CELPIP test takers helped guide him through preparing for his test.

My CELPIP Story - Vitor Cruz

In this video, Vitor talks about how the CELPIP Test reflects every day language use, and how taking the time to prepare for the test can help test takers focus on which English language skills they need to improve.

My CELPIP Story - Rafaella Tavares/Heejun Lee

In this video, Rafaella and Heejun talk about meeting at ESL school, and how their friendship grew from preparing for the CELPIP Test!

My CELPIP Story - Laura Rittmeister

In this video, Laura discusses how the features of the CELPIP Test and the online preparation resources helped her feel confident in her English language skills.

My CELPIP Story - Ming Ming

In this video, Ming Ming shares her story about how she chose the CELPIP Test, how she able to prepare on her own, and how the test was able to help her reach her immigration goals.

What Is Your CELPIP Story?

If you or someone you know has a CELPIP story that they would like to share, please get in touch with us below!

Study Options

Self-Directed Study Options

For test takers interested in creating their own study plan, these materials include online practice tests, our CELPIP study guides and textbooks, and our online study programs.

Online Study

For test takers looking to prepare for the CELPIP Test online, we offer a range of online study options, including our online study program CELPIP Accelerate, CELPIP Practice and Analysis, and our online practice tests.

Classroom Study

For test takers looking for instructor-led study options, we recommend enroling in the CELPIP Preparation Program. Offered by a variety of test centres and organizations, click below to learn about the CELPIP Preparation Program.
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