Info Sessions

Attend one of our online CELPIP information sessions to learn more about the CELPIP Tests. Listen from home or on the go. All you need to join us are speakers, an internet connection, and a computer or smart device (Apple or Android).

CELPIP Speaking Pro

CELPIP Speaking Pro features live, interactive lessons that will prepare you to perform at your best! Learn what the CELPIP Speaking Raters listen for when they rate your responses, analyze sample responses from actual test takers, practice responding to each task, and learn valuable tips specific to each Speaking Task. This is a great choice for intermediate-level test takers.

CELPIP Accelerate Starter

Starting July 8th, when you register for the CELPIP-General or CELPIP-General LS Tests, you will receive Accelerate Starter for free in your CELPIP Account! This online course will help you get the scores you need. Check your CELPIP Account for more information. For those taking the CELPIP-General Test, you will receive about 5 hours of videos, quizzes, and practice questions. For those taking the CELPIP-General LS Test, you will receive about 2.5 hours of study material.

Watch our Study Tips Videos

Each video features tips and strategies to help you build a study routine that you can follow every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes! All of our study tips have been put together by CELPIP Experts, and include information about other study resources available for free that you can use to prepare!

Free Resources

CELPIP Preparation Program Materials
We offer a variety of free resources to help you prepare and succeed on the test, including guidebooks, online webinars, online practice tests and blog posts offering advice and information.
CELPIP Guidebook for Test Takers

Download Guidebook

Guidebook for Test Takers
A test taker-focused guide that covers test format, scoring, and more

Download Overview

Overview for Test Takers
A brief overview of the CELPIP test, with information about the test t...

Take the Free CELPIP-General Practice Tests, Starter Set

Free CELPIP-General Practice Tests
Try out 2 full CELPIP-General practice tests for free!

Take the Free CELPIP-General LS Practice Tests, Starter Set

Free CELPIP-General LS Practice Tests
Try out 2 full CELPIP-General LS practice tests for free!

Study Tips from the Experts

More (Paid) Study Options

Self-Directed Study Options

For test takers interested in creating their own study plan, these materials include online practice tests, our CELPIP study guides and textbooks, and our online study programs.

Online Study

For test takers looking to prepare for the CELPIP Test online, we offer a range of online study options, including our online study program CELPIP Accelerate, CELPIP Practice and Analysis, and our online practice tests.

Classroom Study

For test takers looking for instructor-led study options, we recommend enroling in the CELPIP Preparation Program. Offered by a variety of test centres and organizations, click below to learn about the CELPIP Preparation Program.

Still Need More Help? CELPIP

Many CELPIP Test Centres offer preparation programs and courses to help you prepare for your test. Please note that CELPIP Test Centres do not handle any test registration applications for the CELPIP Test.
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