November 30, 2021

The Official CELPIP Podcast: Episode 19

In today’s episode, we invite Meaghan, our in-house CELPIP expert, to share her tips for learning new vocabulary! Meaghan was a former Writing Rater for the CELPIP Test and now works as a Content Developer/Online Instructor. She delivers many of our free monthly webinars. Tune in as Meaghan shares some helpful tips on preparing for the CELPIP Test!

Show Notes

Here are some vocabulary-building resources:  


I had taken other English language proficiency before, and CELPIP was more relatable to me. All of the questions were situations I was familiar with from daily life, and were like conversations I had experienced personally.
- Chrisna D., CELPIP Test Taker
When I took CELPIP, I found it was like speaking English in real life. You speak every day with your boss and with your friends, and the CELPIP Test represents those every-day, real-life language situations.
- Rafaela B., CELPIP Test Taker