Requirements For Being a Test Centre

All prospective CELPIP Test Centres must demonstrate that they meet Paragon Testing Enterprises’ standards and guidelines in order to be considered to deliver the CELPIP Test.

The facility must have the following:

  • An isolated testing room that is comfortable and quiet
  • Computer workstations that meet our technical requirements
  • A check-in area, secure storage area, and washrooms in close proximity to the testing room
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Safety measures including emergency exit plans and fire extinguishers
  • Commitment to scheduling test sittings months in advance on CELPIP testing days
  • Ability to run a demo test in the testing room prior to every test weekend
  • Capacity to provide trained, certified staff for all test sittings

More detailed requirements are listed in the CELPIP Test Centre application. Paragon Testing Enterprises is currently seeking test centre partners in the following locations:

  • St Catharines-Niagara
  • Kingston
  • Charlottetown
  • Sherbrooke
  • Fort St John
  • Kamloops
  • Nanaimo

Apply to Be a Test CentreCELPIP

If you represent a facility that is interested in becoming a CELPIP Test Centre, we encourage you to complete our online application. Please note that not all applications will receive a response.
My overall experience was positive. The staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable and helped with any issues.
- Maria, CELPIP - General LS Test Taker
The CELPIP test is more connected to Canadian experiences, also the language and accent are easier to understand.
- Eric, CELPIP - General Test Taker
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